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Is Work From Home A New Normal Post Pandemic?

The Coronavirus has changed the dynamics of the way firms run. Businesses have been forced to introduce operating remotely as security precautions with the global self-imposed quarantine and lockdown. It’s been more than a month since we both started working from home. In the beginning, the passion and enthusiasm in us were enormously strong. But as the weeks went on, concerns began to emerge in our minds. How should we go back to the office again? Is Work From Home A New Normal Post Pandemic?

The rate at which people and organizations had to transition to operating from home left them struggling. They need to find solutions to ensure the organizations continue, efficiently and comfortably, with the least interruption.

Hour that we need

With the intensified pressure and emphasis on the company’s continuity in the context of the pandemic, corporations are expected to consider and remain working from both short and long-term perspectives. The long-standing misconception of remote work has been modified by the global work from home scenario set up by the coronavirus pandemic. Where the only way to get work done was once thought to be meeting in person, this has changed to meeting with Zoom video calls, team calls, and Skype calls.

Problem solving

In a case such as this, where the bulk of the staff logs in from home, confidential data is at risk. Home networks for cybercriminals are vulnerable. Network and system stability has now been one of the biggest issues for enterprises. But the salvation of the day is cloud storage services such as AWS, Microsoft AZURE, and others. Cloud technology and servers allow for safe and fast deployment and access, saving the day for everybody.

How the future will look

While companies demonstrate the versatility and accommodate the modern standard. Organizational risk control policies will be checked, security procedures and infrastructure revised to include mobility and flexibility to handle any potential issues that could occur. In addition, a digital revolution will take place, and technology such as Cloud Computing, AI and others will play an important role more than ever in transforming the global economy.

With remote channels undergoing a massive demand growth, this moment is an awareness of work from home in general and will contribute to an immediate digital revolution. Many businesses aim to make a more permanent aspect of their personnel recruitment plans for flexible employment from house models after COVID-19 grants.

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