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Kangana Ranaut Praises Will Smith In Her Recent Tweet


52 years old and four times Grammy award holder Hollywood actor Will Smith, who had recently met spiritual leader Sadhguru received immense praise from Bollywood actress KanganaRanaut.

KanganaRanaut in her recent tweet praises Hollywood actress Will Smith. Kangana wrote, “How heartwarming to see a huge star like Will Smith being so grounded so spiritual”, indirectly adding a word for Bollywood celebrities, Kangana wrote, “really hope at some point our own stars show same keenness and curiosity for spirituality and sciences of Yoga, @SadhguruJV has a lot to offer hope people make most of his time here.”

“Will Smith Hosts Sadhguru: A Behind-the-Scenes Look @willsmith Will Smith welcomes Sadhguru home to spend quality time with his family. They share heartfelt conversations, profound poetry, and enjoy Sadhguru’s wit & wisdom!” Sadhguru captioned the video

Even Will Smith recently revealed to his fans that he had the humble honor of interacting with Sadhguru and share a video from their dinner.

Will Smith’s 19-year-old daughter also joined him and had dinner with them. Willow Smith while Sadhguru entered his house in a luxurious bike. Willow was impressed with the knowledge that the renowned 63-year-old yogi was traveling across the US on a bike.  “Sadhguru is in town. I have been following him for a while. He wrote a wonderful book called Inner Engineering. I want my family to meet spiritual people, to start interacting with people who are not hooked on the material world,” Will Smith said

At the dinner table, sadhgurushared wisdom with the family.Will Smith also revealed that he was a big fan of the former’s 2016 book Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy and had been following his journey for a while.

“Will, it was a pleasure to spend some time with you and your wonderful family. May your Sangha be strong and Dharma be your guide,” Sadhguru posted on Instagram.

“Lights are on. Sadhguru is now entering beast mode. He’s sliding into… and, Beast Mode! Alright now, he’s gotta watch out. Don’t crash. Do not fall. Do not break anything. The world awaits on Sadhguru’s next move. Ladies and gentleman, he’s off and he’s gone. Sadhguru, ladies and gentlemen.Sadhguru, Sadhguru,” Will give this wonderful commentary while sadhguru left.