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How To Keep Flowers Fresh For Longer?


During a birthday or anniversary or any other special occasion, don’t we receive a bunch of bright and beautiful blooms? Receiving such gorgeous flowers always cheers us and puts a big smile on our faces. Yet, along with being pretty, these blooms are also fragile. If not looked after properly, they tend to wilt quickly. But, many of us are not aware of how to take care of the cut flowers. If you are also one of them then you are at the right place. Here we have listed down some of the ways using which you can keep your flowers fresh and lively for a longer period.

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      Clean the vase

If you want your cut flowers to last longer then start with properly cleaning the container. You can thoroughly wash the vase by hand or can put it in the dishwasher. Cleaning the container is very crucial because the unwashed vase may have germs or unwanted minerals or chemicals. Also, if you tend to use one vase regularly then make sure to scrub the vase properly, both inside and outside. You should do this to make sure that the container is spotless because the former flowers might leave residue and that will speed up the decaying of new blooms.

      Trim the stems

People often skip or forget the step of trimming the stems. But it is a crucial step that ensures the longevity of your blooms. You should make sure to cut off at least 2inches 45-degree angle. Cutting the stems at an angle allows the flowers to absorb more water. Also, the first trimming of the stems should be done before putting them in the vase and then you can keep on re-trimming it once every few days. For same day flower delivery in Elizabethtown KY, order online from local florists

      Remove the leaves (Prune)

Another thing you should not avoid is pruning, i.e., removing leaves below the water line. Doing this will restrict any unwanted bacterial growth. Pruning also allows the cut flowers to bloom completely. Each flower of the bouquet should be pruned before putting them in the water. After the initial pruning, you should check your flowers on a daily basis and remove any loose, dead, or rotten petals from the bouquet.

      Water with care

It is necessary for your cut flowers to stay hydrated but excess hydration is not at all recommended. You should water your flowers wisely. After cleaning the vase, fill it with distilled or purified room temperature water. Also, make sure to change the water every 2-3 days.

      Avoid direct sunlight and stuffy spaces

Following all these steps is highly recommendable. But make sure to put your cut flowers away from direct sunlight. It’s better to keep the blooms in a cool place. You can also refrigerate the flowers at night. Also, don’t keep the flowers in a stuffy position because that will restrict the airflow and make their wilting process fast. So, you should keep the cut blossoms in a cold place that has proper ventilation.

      Use plant food or add in little glucose

Another thing that we recommend is the use of plant food which are easily available in Elizabethtown KY flower shops. Using plant food will provide cut flowers with the nutrition that it lacks. If you can’t find plant food then you can also use granulated sugar. The use of ordinary granulated sugar also provides the nutrition that the cut flowers need. The flowers absorb the solution through their stem and this sugary solution allows the flowers to stay lush and beautiful.

Keeping in mind the ease and comfort of people and the availability of the products, overhead we have provided you with some tips that will help you keep your cut flowers fresh and lively for a long time.