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Day of the Republic 2021: Ram Mandir replica to be presented

On 26 January, on Tuesday, India shall mark its 72nd Day of the Republic. Due to the pandemic condition of COVID-19, this year’s Republic Day parade will be a little bit different from last year.

The parade begins from Vijay Chowk on Rajpath and crosses Amar Jawan Jyoti-India Gate – Tilak Marg Radial Road and then turn right on the ‘C’ – Hexagon and turn left into the National Stadium, Gate No-1, said Delhi Police.

As Republic Day is near, it’s getting packed. Today the complete dress rehearsal parade starts in Vijay Chowk and ends at the national stadium at 9:50 a.m.

Following all required protocols COVID-19, the Republic Day Parade will be held this year. The parade will be close to last year and a specific priority has been put on social distancing in every activity.

The parade will only be held on 26 January by roughly 25 000 attendees, compared to the average of 1,15 lakh people every year.

List of what’s going to be new at the 72nd Republic Day parade

The Rafale Fighter Jets, will be an eye catching and proud moment in the Republic Day Parade this year, which India bought from France last year. There are now 11 fighter jets in the Indian Air Force.

The image of Uttar Pradesh will show the cultural heritage of Ayodhya in the city, as well as a model of Ram Temple. The covered image has Maharishi Valmiki’s settled model on the front and the temple replica is on the back.

 Three years later, in the Rajpath parade, the NSG commandos are again evident. This time again, the NSG is back in Rajpath. NSG is the commandos who first emerge to confront them before any terrorist attack takes place. The first NSG commandos took over from 26/11 or Pathankot, offering a proper response to the terrorists. The first NSG orders.

These commandos are also known as black cat commandos, armored with high-tech weapons, since they are all black. You’ve got all the ammunition. This is the team which is in the lead. In a couple of hours, emergency tasks are carried out. Any circumstance can be resolved. This is why the most dangerous commandos are named. This time the commands of the NSG are not on Rajpath alone but with state-of-the-art machinery such as rook, tcv or maas. This time too there would be an array of state-of-the-art NSG order machinery.

A contingent of Bangladesh’s army, including 122 troops, will also appear in the 72nd Day of the Republic. It is only the third in India’s history to feature contingents of foreign armed forces during a Republic Day parade. The Republic Day parade was traditionally attended by contingents from France and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Flying lieutenant Bhawana Kanth is to attend the Republic Day parade as the woman fighter pilot. The news has been reported by Union Minister of Health, Harsh Vardhan, that her presence marks the dawn of empowered new India-led women.