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Boris determines TODAY how the whole of England places it in complete lockdown & closed schools to avoid the Covid pressure ‘out of balance.’

The PM – now in need of yet another thorough Labor shutdown – has acknowledged that the new tiering framework would be much tighter

And in hours, he would meet officials to determine, with closing down schools, non-essential stores, and certain travel ban, whether the temporary tension of coronavirus in the world will mean a return to a March-style lockdown.Cabinet sources are waiting for the Covid-O Committee of the Government to meet today to decide on the next move, Daily Mail says. The Committee is taking decisions on the constraints.

On 2 January 2012, Covid cases across the capital city were placing growing strains on the NHS, social distancing signs at Coldfall primary school at Muswell Hill, London.

Sir Keir Starmer called for a national lockdown last night as he cautioned that ‘the epidemic is obviously out of balance.’ “Let’s not say that the Prime Minister says, ‘I’ll, but not yet’,” the Labor leader said.’He’s been too much faced with the issue. The Prime Minister’s national lock-out – he said that this will happen, but it’s already lagging, and we won’t be able to afford it again.

As Mr. Johnson spoke yesterday on BBC One at The Andrew Marr Show, Mr. Johnson said that he ‘was fully reconciled to do what is required in order to bring the virus down.’ He said that vaccinating more persons would help to resolve the constraints and he wished that in 3 months’ time ‘ten of millions’ would be vaccinated.

While the Prime Minister sticking to his forecast, he added: “It is probably that we will have to make life difficult in certain parts of the world in the next few weeks. I’m totally, fully in agreement – and I guarantee the people in this country are in agreement, when we fight this virus with the same range of resources before the vaccine finally gets going in a big way.

The bulk of the nation now lives under the strictest category,
Official estimates indicate that 54,990 more coronavirus cases were reported in laborators in the United Kingdom, up 80% from last week’s 30.501 cases, with a spike of 43% from last Sunday to 454 in deaths.

The government assessed whether the controls in Tier Four are hard enough to contain the spread of the virus or whether additional measures are required, Mr Johnson said, adding: “We need to constantly review things.”

If people should be confined to a day’s workout for an hour or a thorough restriction on all mixing households might be enforced, he answered: ‘Obviously, there are a lot of harder steps we need to take. I will not now speculate about whether it was.

‘Of course one of these things is school closures – something we had to do in March. We don’t want to do that forcefully.”

In the meantime, the Association of Local Government (LGA) has invited head teachers and councils, if they believe this is appropriate, to stay in schools.