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Zomato Delivery Boy Case: After Her Address Was Leaked, Hitesha Left Bengaluru.

The woman had allegedly left the city on Wednesday, just one day after the Zomato delivery man filed a counter-complaint against Hithesha Chandranee, the Bengaluru-based model-turned-make-up artiste who had accused him of assaulting her. Kamaraj, a delivery worker, accused Hithesha of harassing and slapping him, wrongly accusing him of assaulting him and defaming him in a report lodged at the Electronic City Police Station. ALSO READ: FIR Against Influencer Hitesha Chandranee

Hitesha’s home address was leaked publicly as the case progressed, raising safety issues even as heated discussions about the case erupted on social media.

The second FIR, filed on March 15, argued that Hitesha attacked Kamaraj with a slipper during a dispute over late delivery. Anil Kumar, Police Inspector, Electronic City Police Station, said, “When we went to her home, nobody opened the door.” He refused to say anything else about the situation.

Meanwhile, the investigation will be continued, according to the city police.

Based on a report from Zomato delivery man Kamaraj, Hitesha has been charged with wrongful restraint, abuse, deliberate provocation, and criminal harassment. On March 9, Kamaraj said Hitesha had hit him with her slippers, accused him of defaming her, and hurled abuse at him, according to the cop.

Zomato apologized for the incident after Hithesha’s video went viral, promising to take appropriate measures. However, the issue became a local vs. outsider issue, with a group of Kannada activists siding with Kamaraj, who had lost his job and was in police custody.

“After I arrived at the door of her apartment, I gave her food and I was expecting her to pay me (as she chose cash as payment mode),”   Kamaraj said that he also apologized for the delay on the way to delivery and for bad roads but Chandrani was very aggressive with him.