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A Productive Rant about Essay Writing

Essay writing

Essay writing is a prominent part of a kid’s life, before anyone else. Essay writing is the one tough and most important thing a kid learns. Although, essay writing is so complex that even for a college graduate, it becomes difficult to present a perfect essay on any given topic. Essay writing is an evergreen grammar concept that tends to grow in terms of years. 

The concept of essay was introduced much earlier and yet people are trying to perfect it. Kids and students are taught the art of writing as an essay since their primary school, and yet they find it difficult to curate one when they are in high school or college.

Essay writing is no joke, it is the simplest yet the most complex of writings. Essay writing is simply a piece of literature that will either provides information on a given topic or it is written with the purpose of persuading the reader into believing what the writer wants the reader to believe in, it’s a witty and smart act of writing, that is so simple at the same time effective in its core.

Essay writing like we discussed is the prominent factor in a student’s life, and for this reason, the academic institutions keep on having essay writing competitions at either school level or sometimes even inter school and state level competitions are held. These competitions usually follow the same pattern. School level competitions are usually held on a special occasion, for example say on martyr’s day, this is done so to curate a topic for students to perform on, also this way institutions can also publish their students work in newspapers and magazines, so the competition is held around such special occasions. Students are often told the topic in advance so that they can get enough time to prepare on it. Such competitions are usually held on different levels for example, every class beginning from first participates in the competition but is judged differently, a student of 5th standard would be judge differently than a student of class first, doing so leaves no room for favourites, the students are even asked not to write their names in order to prevent any biases against the students from teachers. 

Students are asked to write their essays in a given time frame, failing to do so the students are automatically disqualified. Such competitions are held in institutions for a fair period of time throughout a kid’s junior years.

The main reason for conducting essay writing competitions is to master the student in writing an essay, to improve a student’s skill to write or to be able to persuade the reader, additionally, these competitions are aimed to boost a student’s confidence, in both writing as well as in their thinking ability.

Many times essay writing is written in such a way where the writer is supposed to express his or her own thinking, opinion and perceptions instead of collecting the information from books, websites and newspapers. And this can be achieved only by doing regular practice in essay writing. Essay writing is something that a student can learn all by themselves, they need no teacher nor a guardian to guide them. It is as we discussed the easiest form of writing. The complexity of essay writing begins when an individual has understood the simple nature of essay writing.

All an individual needs to do is sit and start writing about things or people that they like, in a way that they are defining them, for example one can start writing by selecting a topic like colour blue, then the individual can start naming things in the environment that is blue like water or ocean or sky or a pencil or a chair or a bedsheet anything. The individual just needs to keep exploring their own perceptions of colour blue and write it all down, this way they can improve their skills in writing, it may sound a little cliché and time consuming but this is the best way to start.

For someone who has been writing essay all their life, one may think essay writing will come easy to that person, but that is not the case, every essay in its own essence is unique and carries it own identity, even when you read say ten essays on a common topic, there’s a one hundred percent chance that you will learn something new with every essay, that’s the beauty of essay writing.

Mostly initiating an essay is a less difficult job then concluding it. People once start writing van go on and on about anything that they are focusing and it becomes difficult to come to a satisfying end. Especially when you are writing for a competition you need to write an end that will struck a nerve in the mind of a reader, and achieving that requires a whole different technique and skill, which most fail to do. The best way one can improve their conclusions are by reading, reading is one strong tool involved in writing, the more a person reads, the more that person becomes familiar with words and sentences and their tone. So in order to master the art of concluding an essay the individual should start by reading the similar sounding essays or even the essays with common topic will help, the individual just needs to focus on how others are ending it, every person has their own way of writing, so instead of copying others, one should adapt to their own version of writing, individuals can find professional essay writing help online by browsing through internet, individuals can find essays on any topic they like, they can even get customised essays written for them using essay writing help services.

Individuals can take help from essay writing services in order to get professional and good quality essays, reading which can improve individuals’ skills of both writing and reading and even researching.

Essay writing is one beautiful way of expressing one’s view on something important to them, and it becomes more important when written with sincerity and dedication.